Like many pilots that have travelled Europe, we were inspired by how big the sport of paragliding is there. Paragliding has great potential here too, but it is still relatively small. These observations and quite simply a passion for the sport is why Paraglide NorthAmerica was started, to assist in keeping our sport alive and growing in North America.


For the moment will be your way of getting a hold of gear from a number of innovative and growing brands in Canada.


We are a paragliding shop, but we may expand services beyond that in the future. We sell only to properly rated pilots.


The "Links"- tab is a source of information in the form of links to podcasts, gear reviews, forum threads, videos, other informative web pages, etc. More will be added here over time.


Paraglide NorthAmerica is not a paragliding school, but we would love to refer you to established schools in your area and provide you with information on how to get started!


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Bio: Tom was born and raised in the Netherlands but has lived abroad since 2005 and moved to Canada in 2008. Since 1996 he has been active in various forms of aviation. It started with parachute jumping, sail plane and airplane flying, and later led to becoming a full time professional helicopter ambulance pilot. Since 2000 he has also been flying paragliders which is now his true passion.