• AirDesign just released the Volt 3,  Susi 3 and the  EAZY 2 in size XXS.

  • Triple Seven Queen 2, Knight and K-Light are here!

  • Check out the Independence Tensing / Skyman Sir Edmund.

  • AirDesign Donut reserve parachute and X-Alps Hero (lightweight EN-D/comp) available now!

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AirDesign Donut reserve is here!

The AirDesign DONUT rescue system combines the positive characteristics from both square and annular (round) rescues.


The DONUT is about asking more from your reserve than just getting you out of trouble in the sky.

• Fast opening
• Low oscillation, high stability
• Low sink rate
• Simple packing
• Low weight

Become a Team-Pilot!

We are looking for extremely passionate pilots that show us the various sides of our sport. Whether that is exploring unknown sites, flying great XC's or simply getting in the air every chance you get.

A team pilot will have access to gear at reduced prices and in return they log and upload flights and document them on our Facebook page.

If this sounds interesting to you please send us an email with your flying back ground and your flying goals for 2017.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to being witness to your adventures!!


 Triple Seven Queen 2, it is finally here and its has been worth the wait for sure!!




Marko Hrgetic kicking behinds on the Queen 2