Paraglide NorthAmerica (PNA) has been around since 2015. I started this little "labour of love" home based gear business out of pure excitement for paragliding and the wish to assist keeping it alive and growing in NorthAmerica, Canada and in the prairies.

In Canada especially we rarely have easy access to gear. There is no paragliding shop with demo gear around the corner, like in France (do yourself a favour and go travel the Geneva/Annecy/Doussard area!!). With PNA I hope to help remedy that deficiency, even if only a tiny bit. I was born and raised in Europe, and I speak a few languages, so contacts with a paragliding gear manufacturers were relatively easily established. These brands are established in the industry and I am proud to represent them.

Paraglide NorthAmerica is not a paragliding school, but I would love to refer you to a school or the flying community in your area and provide you with information on how to get started!

The "Links"- tab is a source of information in the form of links to podcasts, gear reviews, forum threads, videos, other informative web pages, etc. More will be added here over time.

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Bio: My name is Tom Sliepen, I was born and raised in the Netherlands and I have lived abroad since 2005 and in Canada since 2008. Since 1996 I have been active in various forms of aviation. It started with parachute jumping, sail plane and airplane flying. Currently I am employed as a helicopter ambulance pilot. Since 2000 I have been flying paragliders.